Package and Price List

Register for 14 days experimental use. The trial version will get 5 free sms.

One-time setup fee: ৳20,000 /- Only.

400 for every 10 people in the case of additional users!
In case of additional Employee 100 rupees for every 10 people!
For the additional SMS, the minimum 1000 SMS will be purchased. 50 paisa per SMS!

50% discount for the first 3 months subscription!
2 months discount for the yearly subscription!
One time purchase price of 60,000!
After a one-time purchase, monthly charge for customization is 20,000!

Common Features of Software

User Security

Control user permissions. Sign in to the right person in the right thing.

User Friendly

Because of the user friendly interface, you can easily find any options.

Internal Massage

Use internal messaging for team members interaction.

Mobile Compatibles

Invoicing from the mobile, laser can use any of the options.

Notice Board

Use the notice board to disseminate information and make any necessary updates.

Access Control

Ensure the security of business information using Access Control Security.

Business Statistics

Match the current sales target, daily income-expenditure, and calculate the sales of a sale.

User Activity

It is easy to know the current activity of the user and any progress.

Advanced Reporting

Following monthly or annual reports, you can easily accept any decision.

Payment for Subscription

Brac Bank Limited
A/C Name: Extreme Solutions
A/C number: 1101 2031 8646 1001

Neteller: 456923674225

Payment for Subscription

Dutch Bangla Bank Limited
A/C Name: Extreme Solution
A/C number: 174 110 2389

Mobile Banking
Bkash (Merchant): 01613 987 363
Rocket (Personal): 018172515827