Simple solutions for business complexes:

We’ve created world-class business management software to solve traditional business management problems. With the help of easy software, you can take full business activities online. With the confirmation of the best customer service in order to bring the overall issues of modern business management to your hands, Register now for 15 days free trial usage.

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Customer Management (CRM):

Using Extreme Offices as well as saving you customer data –

Deeper ideas about customers
All business data cleanup
Easy to find any information easily
Sales lead generation
Automatic Backup of Daily Work
Providing advanced customer service
Business progress analysis etc.

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It is possible to create bank, cash, buyer, vendor, profit, harmful and accurate reporting of damages through software only. Extreme-Office will help you to find simple and sure-to-solve solutions to your binary complex calculations. Basic to ERP version has all subscription package e-account management facilities. Extreme Office Accounting can be used easily by any small size organization.

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