Online Accounting Software in Bangladesh

Extreme OFFICE: An online Accounting Software

Perfect for Small Businesses in Bangladesh

Saves your time and money

Bring your business online and reduce unnecessary business complexities using Extreme OFFICE software. An easy & affordable online accounting software in Bangladesh with features to run every aspect of your business.

online accounting software in bangladesh
Extreme OFFICE online accounting software in Bangladesh

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Pricing from 500 tk. per month

To handle every step of your business quickly and accurately we have developed Extreme OFFICE– a world-class business management software. With the help of this easy online accounting software, you can take full control on your business activities online.

If you want you can start using this modern business management & online accounting software in your organization right from now! All your accounting, stock & inventory, customers, suppliers, employees, income & expenses will be in one place with an amazing automation system.  We are with you to make you more successful by ensuring the best customer service of all time!


EXTREME OFFICE is Your Virtual Manager

cloud accounting software in bangladesh
Cloud accounting software in Bangladesh

The software will help you manage all business activities in a single instance of online accounts management software in BD. All kinds of MIS (Management Information System) reports are available in the software to focus on your actual business progress.

Apart from this, the contribution of any employee to your business will be clearer to you, on the basis of work and attendance, complex work like making salary sheet at the end of the month, and from now on it will be built in the moment.


EXTREME OFFICE is Your Virtual Accountant

account management software bd
Account management software BD

The software has a simple mission to Manage your money, Get invoices paid, Track expenses with ease!

Extreme OFFICE software is your efficient virtual accountant from whom you can get your business accounting & inventory reports & information anytime, sitting from anywhere. The online accounting software for small businesses in Bangladesh can handle all aspects of your accounting needs.


EXTREME OFFICE is Your Virtual Salesman

accounting inventory software in bangladesh
Accounting inventory software in Bangladesh

Everything you need to sell better and faster in one integrated software. In addition to billing & invoicing, you can find new customers, cross-sell, keeping in touch with old customers, with this online accounting software with business intelligence. Find out new opportunities to increase sales and improve customer service, and do not get any software to do all the work of marketing.

Get notified the moment a lead opens your email, track every interaction automatically, and organize all your activities in one place with Extreme OFFICE software.


How to Start Using Online Accounting Software in Bangladesh?

You can start the online accounting software for free and without download anything! If you want to start using the online accounting software, please visit the extreme-office.com website. Visit the registration link in the web-page to register your free account.

After registering please verify your email address by visiting the link send to your email account. Check the video tutorials or operation manuals to start the data entry instantly.

The cloud accounting software price is also very low if you plan to use in your business. After 15 days of trial, you may start by paying 500 tk. per month basis (2 months free for a yearly subscription). The minimum contract period is 3 months.

For more details, please call: 01613 987 363