ISP Billing Software in Bangladesh

ISP Billing Software in Bangladesh | Dish-Cable Network CRM

Extreme OFFICE is an innovative and affordable ISP Billing Software in Bangladesh. The software helps you to run and manage your ISP / Dish Cable Network business easily. You can now use the CRM Software in Bangladesh for maintaining any size of clients into your Internet service provider or cable-TV-operator business.

Why use Extreme OFFICE as your ISP billing software?

Feature rich, scalable, intuitive, user-friendly ISP Billing software is designed with your needs in mind, so you can easily install and configure it by yourself, and manage your ISP business without paying a fortune.

ISP Billing Software in Bangladesh - Dish-Cable TV network CRM Software
ISP Billing Software in Bangladesh – Dish-Cable TV network CRM Software

Many ISP fail today to provide quality ISP billing. Extreme OFFICE includes subscriptions, vouchers, billing, real-time statistics & reports and all features that simplify your everyday tasks, saving you time and money. Dish Cable & ISP Billing software is a great online based Billing software for cable TV operator or ISP company. It’s Easy to start your own ISP / Cable Billing system with fully Responsive & Dynamic web-application. We’ve included a lot of features needs to run an ISP / Cable business. Also, there are all kinds of staff management system such as lineman, accountant, bill collector etc.

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You can register for 15 days trial and try the system free of cost. Set up ISP Billing using any computer, tab or mobile configure your branding and create extra profits! The entire process is automated and follows the rules you set: the number of active/ inactive, assigned packages, download and upload limit and much more.

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Features & Benefits of Extreme OFFICE as ISP Billing Software

ISP billing software is the most essential CRM software for the business that provides Internet services or Dish-Cable Network. For the convenience of such type service providers in the case of managing HR, getting request, creating and managing customers offering package course, collecting money with proper invoice, managing customer, employee, store, sending SMS and above all going through the statistics & reports.

Extreme OFFICE can be used for ISP billing, which is easy to understand, comfortable to use and satisfactory to manage the company without difficulty. Using this software, you can easily keep the calculation of the clients who make a request to you for internet connection. You can also know about your service in the physical field from the complaint module. HR admin can be managed properly using our software. Employee maintenance is a very important part to run a business smoothly. You can create the employee type for giving access and salary. Store management can also be minutely done. Actually, all the modules in our ISP billing software have been developed thinking of complete ISP management system in one software.

ISP Billing Software in Bangladesh - Dish-Cable TV network CRM Software
ISP Billing Software in Bangladesh – Dish-Cable TV network CRM Software

ISP Billing Software Features

  • Business Info & Settings
  • Setup & Manage Packages
  • Customer Info Setup
  • Send Invoice to Customers
  • Auto Recurring Billing System
  • Collection From Customers
  • Service Cancellation
  • Devices Withdraw After Cancellation
  • List of Inventory of Hardware
  • Non-Paid (Defaulter) Customers List
  • Commission Agents Management
  • Bill Collection
  • Monthly Collection & Expenses Summary
  • Complain Received from Clients
  • Resolve Clients Complain by Employee
  • Employee Work Tracking History
  • Create, Send, Print, Edit, Delete Invoices
  • Create Bank/ Cash Entry
  • Daily Collection Entry
  • Daily Expenses Entry
  • Daily Transaction Report (Day Book)
  • Monthly Expense Report
  • Store Management
  • New Hardware Entry into stock
  • Product Category
  • Product Purchase
  • Manage Purchase
  • Sales Product
  • Sales Product List
  • Employee Info Setup
  • Manage Human Resources
  • Attendance Management
  • Work Tracking Management
  • Employee Salary Report
  • Marketing Directory
  • SMS & Email Notification Sending
Contact with Us
Contact with Us

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