Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh

What is the best Garments ERP software in Bangladesh?

What is the best ERP software for garment manufacturing company in Bangladesh?

XERP is a cloud-based ERP Software– made to simplify the business complexities of industrial manufacturing companies. The robust ERP solution was developed with many essential features keeping in mind the needs of garment manufacturing companies made this garments ERP software one of the best ERP in Bangladesh.

Garments ERP Software in Bangladesh
Best garments manufacturing ERP Software in Bangladesh

When you think of low-cost ERP solution, you may consider XERP Software for your production oriented company. Initially, the price of the software starts from 10,000 USD and the price will increase based upon your customization requirements.

The garments ERP software included many essential features fulfilling the needs of garments manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. The software has many modules like- Import, Export, Inventory, HR-Payroll, CRM, Production, Merchandising, Core Financial Accounting etc. You can purchase the ERP module/ feature wise as per your requirements.

The software has been implemented successfully several Garments/Textiles Industries, Plastic container manufacturing businesses and Flour mills fulfilling industry-specific requirements and goals.

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  • Cloud ERP Software: Web-based real-time ERP Software.
  • Full-featured All-in-one centralized modules work in combined.
  • Highly Stable Database ERP Software made for cloud computing.
  • Out-of-box user-friendly interface designed with the mobile first approach.
  • Customization possibility for any sized & types business system.
  • No restrictions on Devices & Users/ Operators quantity
  • 24/7 online support team


XERP: Best ERP Software in Bangladesh for Garments, Textiles, Plastic Manufacturing & Flour Mill Industries

Garments ERP Software In Bangladesh | Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System

ERP software for garment manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Garments ERP modules of the best garments MRP software in Bangladesh. Garment manufacturing software by Garments ERP software companies in bangladesh.

XERP is one of the leading ERP solution for Garments industries which is integrated with different modules that cover all the aspects of your Garments Business. This solution supports multi-currency and multi-location based operations. It aims at keeping track of all the activities including receiving an order from buyer, costing of order, resource planning, procurement of raw materials, production management, inventory management, import-export process, order reconciliation process etc. It’s also integrated with other modules including import-export, requisition, accounts, HR, supply-chain etc. With this automated solution you can easily track your business activities and entire operations of your garments manufacturing process easily.

XERP Garments ERP Features



  • Buyer’s Enquiry Analysis
  • RM Collection, Consumption, Sourcing & Developed (by Supplier) Monitoring
  • Send available specimen to Sample Dept.
  • Sample Monitoring
  • RM Consumption & Costing Analysis
  • Prepare Quotation & Follow-up
  • Approvals by Management and send a copy to Audit



  • Receive Different type of Sample Request
  • Prepare Mini-Marker
  • RM Consumption
  • Collection, FIT, PP Sample Prepare
  • Recommendation/Suggestions to Merchandiser



  • Style Analysis
  • SMV Calculation
  • IE Suggestion for PPH
  • Skill Inventory
  • Production Downtime Analysis
  • Line Layout
  • Process-wise Target & Achievements
  • Production Efficiency



  • Confirmed Export Order/PO Collection
  • RM Approval/Swatch Status
  • Sample Approval Monitoring
  • Fabric & Accessories Estimation/Prepare BOM
  • Group Fixing & Supplier Selection
    – Consider with Price, Quality, Delivery, Supplier Grade, Etc.
  • Booking Management
  • PI Collection
  • BBLC Opening Request
  • Send PI to Audit
  • Delivery Monitoring


Commercial (Import)

  • Export LC/Sales Contract Collection& Amendment
  • Audited PI Receive from Merchandising Dept.
  • BTB LC Opening & Amendment
  • Shipment & Updated Schedule Monitoring for ETA Fact.
  • Suppliers Document Receive & Acceptance
  • Acceptance Clearance


MRP & Store

  • Monitor updated Booking status for ETA Fact.
  • Receive against Booking
  • Physical Inventory with PI/Booking
  • Shade Approval & Distribution
  • Fabric Inspection
  • Fabric Replacement/Negotiation with Supplier(If inspection result fail)
  • RM Issue against approved requisition
  • Gate Pass & Challan Prepare & Printing
  • RM receives from floor after production.
  • Leftover declarations after Style/Lot close
  • Re-Booking/PO to store with revaluation to use leftover quantity
  • RM Transfer Style/Lot/Store to Style/Lot/Store
  • Local Purchase
  • Receiving/Back RM to/from Supplier
  • Receiving Damaged/Rejected Garments/RM


Production Planning

  • Lot/Batch wise Grouping
  • PP Meeting
  • Line Planning (Loading/Unloading)
  • Ladder Planning



  • RM Requisition & Approval for Production
  • Cutting and send to Line
  • Artwork / Monitoring PRINTING OR EMBROIDERY to/from Fact.
  • Line Input
  • Hourly Sewing Production
  • Send to WASHING
  • Receive from WASHING
  • Thread Cutting after wash
  • Final QC
  • Carton & Packing
  • Prepare Packing List
  • Booking to Forwarder (to Comm. Dept.)
  • Inspection Schedule
  • Inspection
  • Ex-Fact


Export (Commercial)

  • Receive Booking from Factory
  • Booking Placed to Forwarder
  • Packing List Receive From Factory
  • Invoice Prepare
  • Printing (Invoice, EXP, Application, etc.)
  • Bill of Exchange/Bank Document
  • Inspection Done/QC Report
  • Cargo Load Detail Received from Fact
  • Shipment Advice Received from Forwarder
  • Export/Shipping Documents from Bank Submission



  • Realization Follow-up
  • Update Short Realize Cause/Head with amount.
  • SOD/FC Transfer Acknowledge
  • Disbursement Amount
  • MIS Reporting



  • Procurement
    – Quotation VS Actual
  • Productivity
    – Quotation VS Actual
  • CM
    – Quotation VS Actual



  • Task/Job/Order Management/Monitoring
  • Task Scheduling (Font/Back Calculation)
  • SMS, E-mail, Auto alarm Notification
  • Export/Import data in CSV/Excel format
  • Graphical View of Task/Job/Order Status
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Split a task at any level, Specify Task Dependency


Control Panel

  • User Management
  • Security & Access Control
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Document Archiving

If you are looking for the demo of the Garments ERP software for your production oriented company, please call us at +88 01613 987363 or send an email to