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Online Accounting Software For Small Business in Bangladesh

Simple solutions for business complexes:

We’ve created world-class business management software to solve traditional business management problems. With the help of easy software, you can take full business activities online. With the confirmation of the best customer service in order to bring the overall issues of modern business management to your hands, Register now for 15 days free trial usage.

Perfect plan

The main basis of a business is to create a right and perfect plan. Extreme-Office software will help your business in perfect planning with proper guidance in each step of the process, sales, marketing and execution and implementation. Your business plan will ensure the progress of your business. You can set your product’s sales system at the beginning of the month or year. By following the plan throughout the year or throughout the month, you can safely carry on your product or on a non-productive task. Start using Extreme-Office today without disturbing your time, in your organization.

Accurate accounting

The key to managing any business and one of the most challenging is accounting management accurately. Every day you calculate daily profits or losses from your income-expense calculation. But it can be seen in the last few days. When you go through a daily calculation, it is impossible to see monthly or annual accounts. Because of these problems, you are going from E to dark about the progress of your business year after year. This is the responsibility of managing your exact account with the help of Extreme-Office handling your business safely. With the confirmation of the correct account we are with you.


The use of human resources is the key to business growth. It is much easier to calculate with the Extreme-Office software, creating ideal manpower, manpower utilization, monitoring of tasks, working hours, and even making salari seats. The proper use of human resources helps manage the business according to your plan. Which ensures the advancement of your business. By using Extreme Office you will be able to easily monitor the progress of your employee’s work and reach your target budget. So, manage your human resources efficiently with extreme-office subscriptions today.


Sales Entry





Why use Extreme-Office?

Controlled business

Current business is the biggest challenge of business, and it is in full control of the owners' part of the business. There is no alternative to using Office Management Software (Extreme-Office) to keep the business in full control.

Decision making

To solve any business problem, long analysis is needed. Due to lack of necessary data, it is not possible to make the right decisions. Exempt-office software does not face such problems.This is the responsibility of managing your exact account with the help of Extreme-Office handling your business safely.

Save time

Conducting all business activities centrally, it is possible to find out any necessary information. As a result, it is possible to work a lot in a short time and in a short time.

Increase sales

It is possible to automate self-management of sales growth and dynamic business in the only extreme-office software. Old and new customers can set up automatic relationships with everyone, suggest new leads, send or print invoices, and even agent commission etc.

Smart business

There is no option of automation to continue in the current bilateral competition. So use the Extreme-Office software to handle disciplined and systematic business.

The business is now in the pocket

Observe the progress of your business using Extreme-Office on your handset at any time from anywhere. As a result, the current location of your business will be able to know itself at any moment.

Your most disgruntled customers, the best source of your learning. -Bill Gates
And keep the promise; Certainly the apology will be summoned. - Quran: (17:34)
There is no secret road to success, it is the result of learning from preparation, hard work and failure. -Colin Powell
A satisfied customer is the best source of all business strategies. -Michael LeBoeuf
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